Thanks to 25 years of research, experience and proven expertise, we provide production facilities worldwide with the most advanced formulations, technical support and raw materials for high quality and sustainable insulation manufacturing.

We distribute innovative and valuable chemicals (resins, additives, adhesives), and production know-how for the full spectrum of high quality insulation foams.

Our mission is to provide the best suitable insulation globally. Our continuous Research & Development programs allow us to keep pace with and help define dynamic market developments and regulations, to be that vital step ahead of competition.

We work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers to produce the most advanced insulation material in the market that contributes to a safe, green and sustainable future.


DPSI is the owner of formulations and technologies, which allows you to produce foam with unique properties and outstanding performance. Benefits include low thermal conductivity, excellent fire properties and moisture resistance thanks to its closed cell performance.

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Essential mix of various components to ensure a fine homogeneous closed-cell structure. Without the right mixture of additives a good quality foam is impossible.

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Adhesives & Coatings

DPSI offers adhesives and coatings in a wide variety of grades and can be altered to fit many niche applications including foil laminating. Our adhesives can help you achieve all fire requirements while our coatings improve the quality and performance of your material.

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Our team, chaired by Bart Hinten (Chairman of ASTM Insulation committee), combines over 40 years of experience in the industry and offers you: